Beautiful Burgundy Boots – Unboxing!

Bonsoir mes chéries! Tonight’s post is a little glimpse of a gorgeous new pair of heeled boots that I snapped up in the sales from Clarks. I was super excited to unbox these babies after purchasing in store and was ecstatic to find a pair of boots that are both stylish and comfortable.

I was on the hunt for some evening boots that I could wear out for drinks until the early hours with no fear of blisters or throbbing feet and I think I’ve hit the nail on the head with these shoes. They’re real leather and were £35 down from £70. The soles are padded for added comfort and I love the sturdy heel – these boots were made for walking sassing about town!


It’s unsurprising that these boots are selling out fast. Sadly, I couldn’t locate these online on the Clarks website, but it’s worth a look in store. The Clarks online sale is definitely worth a look though – so many good quality shoes at a reduced price!

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