How I style: A Tulle Skirt

Bonsoir les filles and happy hump-day!! Always feels good to know that you’ve broken the back of the week and are that little step closer to the weekend, yippee. Un verre de vin rouge awaits!

Hot on everyone’s lips this week are ballerina style, big-frilled, tulle skirts. Paris Fashion Week 2016 is in full swing and haute couture has dabbled once again with volumous, netted numbers. Chanel’s latest collection features layered, statement frills, sporting volumous midi skirts, and eye-catching frilled sleeves. Valentino have equally showcased tulle skirts and dresses in a beautiful ballet inspired collection by Maria Grazia and Pierre Paolo.

Photo Credit: @rachelzoe


Photo Credit: @kapturingstyle
 So how does they everyday gal grasp this look and work it into her own wardrobe? I’m here to tell you!

It all started when I saw this beyond FABULOUS skirt on ASOS. It was love at first sight (or as the french say… le coup de foudre!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 20.58.39
Photo credit ASOS: True Decadence Petite Tulle Skirt,  £36.00
But did I grasp this little beauty up in my arms when I had the chance? No, no I didn’t, the utter FOOL that I am. I mulled it over for a day or two and then when I realised that it was true love and that I simply had to have it sitting pretty in my wardrobe the skirt has completely sold out. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Womankind had snatched the beauty right from under my nose while I was busy wondering whether I could pull off a statement piece such as this.

Agog and heart-broken but nevertheless determined to get my mitts on the dream skirt I checked ASOS every day for a week and a half like a madwoman, until miraculously, a size 8 popped up as in stock one day. It was a sign from the Gods that it was meant to be – the little skirt and I were destined for a long, happy life together. So, naturally, I bought it et voilà, got to work on how best to style this sassy number.

Shout out to Twiggy and her cushion head for styling up this outfit a treat… seriously though I’m obsessed with this TK Max cushion it is just too cute!

Twigs modelling my pearls like a true bae.

The skirt just looks so majestic hanging up in my room in all its glory.
Feeling like a kid in a sweetshop with the amount of frill that’s going on here.
Trying to hang this up was such a struggle, but you get the idea!
As we’re still lurking in a slightly chilly Spring phase here in the UK, I opted for a long sleeve turtle-neck crop from Urban Outfitters, paired with some vintage pearls and muted, nude heels from M&S for a classy, Parisian-chic vibe. I threw in a tiny metallic Real Techniques clutch that came free with the bold metals collection brush set – (gotta love a freebie!).

I think a messy bun or soft curls would really look the part, or simply have a go at a romantic milkmaid plait like the hairdo in the ASOS pic. A stripey long sleeved top, beige trenchcoat and dolly shoes/ ballet pumps would easily transform this into a day-to-day look. The heels add a little je ne sais quoi though – they will elongate the legs and draw the eye to your dainty ankles underneath all of that material. I can’t wait for an occasion to wear this badboy out, it’s a real showstopper!

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