Berlin: Part 1 – beers & beaut buildings.

Hello there lovely people! I hope you’re all having a great Sunday. If you’re wondering why there’s been a little bit of radio silence from me for a while it’s because I have been living it up in Berlin! I decided to venture abroad on holiday and explore a new city. So today’s post is a little insight into the first half of my trip – feat. what I wore, what I got up to and what I captured on camera.

Waiting in London Gatwick to board our flight, myself and my friend Adam knew that the best way to kick start our trip was with a glass of bubbly. This was it – we were free from the tedious strains of the 9-5 working week, a new exciting adventure at our clutches! We were already dreaming of beautiful Berlin babes and edgy culture. The taste of freedom was oh too sweet.

Arriving in Schönefeld airport, we breezed through security and baggage claim and a short taxi ride later, found ourselves at our airbnb apartment, in the heart of Mitte. The area is really arty and has a young vibe about it so we quickly began exploring what it had to offer.   

 On day one, we took a stroll around the city, stumbling upon the Böde Museum with it’s impressive architecture and sculptures, before walking along the river towards Brandenburg Gate and the famous Reichstag building.   

 What I’m wearing: Camel Coat – Topshop sale £49 down from £90. Dress – Topshop, Brogues – Office Shoes.


  Studded gloves and tassle bag from H&M. Lipstick – Mac, Lady Danger.  
 Munching on some lunch in the lovely Café Einstein, we then made our way towards Checkpoint Charlie, one of the must-see historical sights. It was really harrowing reading the stories of all of those who tried unsuccessfully to cross the Berlin Wall and so we had mixed feelings – we were having a great time but were conscious of the atrocities that had happened in the very spot we were freely walking around. The experience overall was quite humbling.  

We headed back to the apartment for some food and to relax after a heck of a lot of walking. Friday was spent chilling watching strange German TV due to awful weather, but we headed out in the evening to get some dinner and explore the Easter market in Alexanderplatz, indulging in the local German beer and listening to the drunken singing of footie fans in the beer tents.   

  We headed back to the flat for some drinks before heading to Club Soda – with free entry for girls and the promise of chart and house music, we thought we’d lucked in. Berlin is renowned for its Tehno scene but we’d both rather dance to Beyoncé any day so we genuinely thought we’d hit the jackpot with this place. 

It took a while for the place to liven up and the venue was a chavvy 18 year old’s wet-dream  – what I can only describe as an Oceana style club (minus the heels, fake tan and bodycons) filled with young Germans in super casual clothes. We knocked back a couple of shots and danced the night away, undecided as to whether this was one of the best or worst experiences of our lives. My shitty German failed me in my ability to ask for a tap water at the bar, so I ended up handing over €4 for a carton of water, yes, I repeat, A CARTON. It might as well have been a carton of milk – I suddenly had visions of the barman tucking me up in bed and reading me a bedtime story. 😂💤 What a night.
I’ll be uploading part two of my Berlin adventure shortly feat. the more artistic photography and wacky outfits, so be sure to follow PrettyDaring for first glance at that, and give this post a like if you enjoyed it! 

Bis später – tschuss!




3 thoughts on “Berlin: Part 1 – beers & beaut buildings.

    1. I would definitely recommend Berlin there is just so much to see and do! Perhaps when it’s slightly warmer weather though! X


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